Saturday, 7 June 2014

► 藤あや子 - 花のワルツ (english lyrics) Fuji Ayako

Flower waltz
花のワルツ 藤あや子 たかたかし 徳久広司
Hana no waltz  Fuji Ayako Taka Takashi Tokuhisakōji

I want to see and embrace you in the dream
Exposing your love to the sun
Hey flowers, flowers, flowers, don't slumber
It seems like you're being swept away
by living absurdities in this world

I have to cry, with the insect and 
the person who stroked my hair
Hey rain, rain, rain, don't rain
The elegant night with sake in my heart
The glass is crying and I feel lonely

The happiness when we randomly meet
The woman's tears, the drops of dreams
Hey flowers, flowers, flowers, don't cry
Also the water plants floating in the flow
The little spring embraces my heart

*sake is an alcohol, booze
Here you are~ I had been busy with exams so sorry for the delay =w=

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