Saturday, 7 June 2014

► MISIA - Miss you always (english lyrics)

Miss you always
MISIA, Misako Sakazume

~ ~ ~

I've been full of the feelings that are called 'love' thanks to the fingers that suddenly touched me
No matter how hard you try, you can't hide your true feelings

I wouldn't mind if everything in my and your heart melts together
I love you that much that I want to meet you, I love you so I want to meet you always...

I love you, all the feelings I want to tell you can't be put into words
I miss you, tears are spilling, I'm going to fall in love
More and more I want to stay by your side

Not in hurry, I don't mind missing even the last train
Hey, without leaving anything I want to feel your side always...

I love you, your voice whispering my name to my ear
I miss you, don't want to give up on this love even through I've become a coward
I want to be honest to you

Whisper my name in your name with our hearts connected
The final bell rings at home
While staring at you I miss you always...

I love you, each time you hug me, somehow the wrinkles of the shirt
I miss you, the heart's trembling how I'm falling in love
Forever, forever, I'll miss the you beside me always...

~ ~ ~
Oh yay, this was easy! There weren't any hard phrases or words and I'm pretty sure about this so I'm happy xD I like the part 'heart's trembling how I'm falling in love' >w</ enjoy~

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