Tuesday, 29 July 2014

► 藤あや子 - 一輪ざし english

Vase for one flower
Fuji Ayako -  Ichirinzashi
藤あや子, 白鳥園枝, 弦哲也

I woke up in the morning, lonely
The dear vase for one flower
Somewhere in my lonely destiny
a red flower is crying
A red flower full of sadness

I know you'll come...
So I've bought the red flower
Which kimono shall I wear I wonder...

The flower's fragrant on the small windowsill
Swaying in the vase for one flower
In the heart that's sunk and lost in the love
there's one flower that embraces dreams
One flower that wants to be loved

On the day that your kind self can see
Let's go to the vase for one flower
Right, that's woman's sincerity
I want to give you that red flower
Show you my feelings by that red flower

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